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Topic: Investigation into housing needs
Venue: Betty’s Bay Library
Date: 2018-06-18 @ 12:00
Present: Mayor Dudley Coetzee, Fanie Krige, Rudi Perold, Heinie Foot, Bill Steyn, Gerhard Bruce


The BBRA requested the Mayor to clarify the Municipality’s position regarding the extension of the mandate of the Lyners consultants into housing, to include Betty’s Bay. The BBRA also voiced dissatisfaction in not being consulted in such a decision.

 The Mayor clarified that the Lyners consultants terms of reference has not been extended. They have only been instructed to identify whether there is a need for housing in Betty’s Bay. Regarding consultation with the BBRA, the Mayor said that the decision was made as part of managing an emergency housing situation, which is Council’s responsibility.

The Mayor also said that the land for emergency housing was allocated in Overhills to prevent further civil unrest. The land was allocated but no fixed number of shacks that may be built on it was decided on. 1m Spaces for emergency vehicles must be kept open. This space is only for people on the housing waiting list.

Allegations of fraud with the housing waiting list has been made many times, but so far the Mayor has received no information that can be investigated by the Hawks. The Mayor invited anyone with such information to provide it, and he will see to it that the Hawks investigate it.

Mr. Perold pointed out that the control of informal housing is lacking. The Mayor said that the control is being done by the Municipality with a Committee of Overhills.

Mr. Foot supported the position of Mr Perold and said that the influx of people must be better managed, as the area cannot accommodate so many people without houses and jobs.

The Mayor read sections of the SA Constitution which forms part of the context within which the Municipality works. People are free to move where they want to, and the Municipality can manage this, but not prevent it.

The Mayor affirmed his willingness to talk with both the BBRA and the wider Betty’s Bay community at any time.