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Crime Reports — Betsie Treurnicht

Nivenia 3762 and Crassula Hall

Hi, thanks for doing this.  We are planning to join the BBRA soon, just need to add my story so that the map can be updated.  We have a house in Nivenia Rd, and we are definitely under-represented on the map.  Will forward the details to neighbours as soon as I have their emails. 

I was robbed in my house in September 2014 (Nivenia 3762), at 5 am.  They came in through the kitchen window, grabbed my camera, handbag, toolbox and a coolbag (which they emptied outside to carry their loot), and when they moved towards the staircase, the alarm thankfully went off.  Security (Safe) was there within minutes, and had been a tremendous help the rest of the week.  The same can’t be said of the police, unfortunately.  I know that to them this was just another burglary, but it was very traumatic for me and my friends staying there.  At 7 am, two yawning policeman turned up, asking if anyone was hurt, after which they seemed to lose interest.  They said I should open a case, for insurance purposes.  Well I wasn’t insured, and that was not the reason why I wanted to open a case.  I hoped that something would be done to stop this crime wave in Bettys Bay.

During that week (first week of September 2014), I was attending a Convention in Bettys Bay, with participants from all over the country.  A few of them had their cars broken into at guest houses.  At the venue at Crassula Hall, we had to call a private security company twice, as we spotted individuals hanging around in the parking lot.  This year we will be there again, from 31 Aug to 4 Sept.  The 2 ladies staying with me last year, are not coming back. Bettys Bay has a reputation now.

This will be the 6th Convention at Bettys Bay, but something has definitely changed the last 2 years.  Before I never even switched on the alarm at night, and we had no cars or houses broken into.  People from Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria were raving about the scenery and safety, and the fact that we can have a convention and workshops, using expensive tools, while leaving the hall’s doors open, without being robbed.  Not the case any more.

Okay, this is more than what you asked for, but I am still so outraged at the cheek of these individuals, coming into my house while I’m there, and taking what doesn’t belong to them.  Thanks for trying to change things for Bettys Bay.

Best Regards

Betsie Treurnicht