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  1. Electronics — TVs, laptops, phones, "computers" (Desktops? Unsure. Do they take all the wires and such?)
  2. Copper — Stripping all the pipes and taps outside.
  3. Petrol — They will damage cars to get into the tank.
  4. Generators

People are saying their neighbours have been robbed too, but they can't speak for them. Get those reports in, so we can see them.


"Two days after I moved in and had just had the burglar alarm installed, the only window that did not have burglar bars was neatly removed from the window frame and my flat screen TV and computer was stolen whilst we were asleep. The alarm installed by Sandown Bay Security that same night was "not activated." — Vivian Stoffels

I'd like to know what kind of window that was? Wooden frame or Aluminium? Was the frame broken? How was it done?

 "They seem to be above the law and are known to the security companies and police apparently. Why is nothing being done about this? Are the police involved somehow possibly?" — Joe Pretorius

This seems to be an oft-repeated idea. I have no other information, not do I wish to speculate.

 "This despite burglar bars and armed response. The armed response arrived 6 minutes after the alarm was activated but the TV and laptops had already gone." — James Pickering

It sounds like these burglars have good knowledge about local conditions.