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The crime situation has become untenable in Betty’s Bay. The more eastern parts of Betty’s Bay have also been targeted, especially the Plateau Road and Reed Road area in which – to my knowledge, at least eight burglaries occurred over the past six months. This include our house at 2445 Plateau Road which was burgled on 1 March at the height of the devastating fire which ravaged Betty’s Bay at the time.

The method of entry into my garage/workshop was brutal through the locked garage door and then the adjacent workshop door. The alarm was operational but through clever use of a sun umbrella, the sensor was covered and rendered ineffective. Both the garage and workshop doors had to be replaced at a cost of R14 000. In addition two bicycles were stolen, as were all my power tools, hand tools and petrol powered garden equipment. The total damage was close to R28 000. Insurance covered most of the cost but the shortfall was non-the-same R8000.

We are now worried about our safety when in the house as the methods used by the criminals are becoming increasingly brazen and brutal. The Betty’s Bay community is truly under siege at present.

Kind regards,

Dr Allan Heydorn