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Thank you for addressing this important subject. I have been the victim of many crimes at my home in Betty's Bay (4384 Amaryllis Crescent)  in the past 3 or 4 years. At least 5 or 6 break-in's with theft of electronics and other goods. The losses run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. The house is alarmed and also has electronic "beams" on the outside.

I had two break-ins last year while people were in the house. One break in occurred while guests were having a dinner party. Purses, wallets and cameras were stolen. One in which I lost a lot of very expensive camera and GPS gear. I was asleep upstairs at the time and the perpetrator removed a large glass pane from a sliding glass door to gain entry.  All of this in a terrible storm with rain and hail. They have also removed entire windows, frame and all, to gain access.

I have also had my car broken into while in the driveway. Many reports to police and discussions with them have not recovered or resolved anything. Upgraded security measures have helped.

It may be time to active a neighborhood watch again. Or put a police sub-station in Betty's Bay. Or perhaps have the community pay for a roving patrol.


Gordon King,

4384 Amaryllis Crescent