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I would like to add our burglaries at 2335 Drivers Road to your database. We have had numerous attempted break-ins and two break-ins between 2012 and 2014. Our music centre, and flat screen TV, decoder was stolen on both occasions. We have good security, internal shutter guard and alarm system.

The burglaries occurred when the house was unoccupied. In 2014, the thieves climbed up onto our roof and accessed the lounge through a top window and wrenched the window and the shutter guard out of the cement with a crow bar. The alarm did not activate for some reason. They must have used the umbrella tactic to avoid detection.

The cost of repairing the window and shutter was R 10,000. That for a small TV worth R 3,000. We have not replaced any of these items for fear of being targets again. It is truly heartbreaking that we live in constant fear of being burgled, that we live like prisoners in our own homes and cannot enjoy the simple pleasure of living with our windows and doors open during the day on our own properties.

That we get blamed when burglaries occur on our own properties if we are not bolted in at all times. It is totally unacceptable that our entire community is held hostage to the criminal elements within our community. Thank you very much for taking steps to collate this information and bring this crime to the attention of the relevant people. It is very much appreciated.