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We purchased a home in beautiful Betty's Bay this year. Unfortunately, not long after taking occupation of our new home, we were robbed. This was in June 2015.

They stole our flat screen tv, cleaned out our freezer and even took the dog food. They then broke into our garage and stole all my husband’s power tools (about 12 ) and a full heavy duty tool chest. This while our alarm was going off.

The security company contacted us at 11h30 that night to inform us, and we immediately got into our car and headed for our house. On arrival at 01h00, we discovered that the security company had not even bothered to check that all windows etc. were closed, as the garage window and our lounge window was still unhooked and open.

Had we not driven to Betty's Bay immediately, I am positive my whole house would have been cleaned out. We have subsequently put in full burglar bars (not the silly clear ones) up over all windows, upgraded to microwave passives and had outside beams installed at a cost of R50 000,00. This money was allocated for the fixing up and painting up of our new home.

These burglars are not going to chase us out of Betty's Bay. We love it so much here, that we have decided to move permanently to Betty's Bay and commute every day rather.