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Bettysbaai / Betty’s Bay reënval / rainfall

Follow this article to get the updates of the spreadsheet and chart of rainfall in Betty's Bay.

Summary of Rainfall in 2017

Applying an index figure of 100 to the year 2015, the scores were:

Stel ons 2015 gelyk aan 100, is die metings soos volg:

Year/Jaar Scores/Metings
2015 100
2016 105.39
2017 90.22


The spreadsheets
    • Open Document format (.ods) here.
    • Reëngrafiek.xlsx here.(This file is falling behind; use the first one.)
The Chart reflecting 2016, 2017 and 2018
rainfall 2016vs2017vs2018
Each monthly total includes the last month — it's a running total.